4 Simple Steps to Boost Your Seasonal SEO Traffic

4 Simple Steps to Boost Your Seasonal SEO Traffic

Establishing the right SEO for your website is no easy thing to do. Particularly when you’re handling with the continuously changing procedures. Although, as search engines come to an end to evolve, it’s becoming more and more significant for marketers to retain their content unique and accurately optimized. While it’s enticing to execute a group of quick solutions to optimize your page ranking in the short span of time, it is significant that you’re also planning a strategy that will be measured in the long term. This needs you to constantly redefine your strategies and tactics over time by using supportable and verified best practices. The best SEO management company is supporting to drive traffic to your website without stressing out.

SEO is vital all year long, but did you know that you should be swapping up your SEO for the upcoming vacations? As per to a study from UPS and ComScore, 51% of consumers reviews said they like to shop online. They said that they go to search engines to discover the perfect tips, gifts on how to organize a rocking’ vacation party and vacation recipes.

So, think about the clear message here: The holiday season is the best time to target the potential audience to your website and make the most of your sales. But think about something more: If you want a festive customer to look for your website and all the overwhelming products you have to deal among the excess of other businesses on the website, your SEO has to be optimized for the season.

And here comes the good news that there’s no need to entirely refurnish your SEO strategy; all you need is to make a few new tweaks to take yourself ahead of the race. So, don’t waste another second; the vacation season is right on the verge. Motioned below four simple steps to accelerate your seasonal SEO traffic.

Be precise with seasonal keywords.

You’ve already had a list of keywords that can generate traffic to your site a year-round, but for the vacations, you have to join some seasonal keywords. Customers will be searching the website for the best gifts and using vacation definite search terms to search for them. You can utilize Google Trends to discover what important phrases consumers are using for during this vacation season.  This way, whenever the shoppers start looking for those phrases, you will be visible in weeks, even for months, before your race. Just think about that what your ideal customers are going to search for. For example, if your online store trades LEDs, LCDS, your potential consumers are going to search for “Black Friday flat screen packages” or “Cyber Monday free delivery deals.” Make most of this opportunity, about the famous search terms and lead consumer’s right to your shop.  Also, this trick can be added to the year in your keyword, for instance, “Black Friday 2019,” to target the potential audience who are looking for the latest deals.

You already going to have a keyword list for your complete year strategy, but throughout the vacations, there is the need to comprise seasonal keywords. Sufficiently of users will refer to the online world for the perfect gifts, so exploiting vacation -specific keywords is important.

Create vacation-themed blog posts.

Users always turn to Google to look for best vacation ideas and suggestions to guide them throughout the season. So, if you want to be visible up in the search results for their inquiries, start creating vacation-themed content. Start creating holiday blog post concepts early and plot out your posts on a content calendar. Ensure that the themes you select are linked to your business and help users to solve their problem. For example, the vacation-themed content that Crate & Barrel creates features that chain’s products but also helps holiday shoppers out with treasured tips and suggestions.

Keep that in mind that specific consumer personality when creating your vacation content; for instance, you’ll want content that attracts busy mothers, and other content that targets fathers who fight with the gift-giving thing. Keep in mind to always spread those vacation specified keywords all through your blog posts logically, to make sure your content gets searched by your targeted potential customers.

Optimize your landing pages.

If you want to target the big crowds of traffic this season, you have to refurbish your current landing pages for the vacations. Select some of the seasonal keywords to explain above and join them with your landing pages. Make sure to embrace lots of internal links to your vacation-themed content and product pages. Modify your landing page title and Meta descriptions to explain to the vacations exactly and modernize your videos and images for the season too.

Another significant aspect in your SEO this season are rich snippets. But what are rich snippets? Whenever you start a search on Google, most results showed up with a blue title link and easy explanation below, but rich snippets comprise images, pricing, ratings, product availability, details and more. Rich snippets will support you to rank higher and generate more sales, so you have to update your website with plan markup utilizing Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper. And yes! Don’t forget that Google, Bing and other search engines have enough time to follow your links and search for your vacation landing pages, so you have to make these vacations-specialized changes on your landing page at least 30 days before the vacation you’re arranging for.

Make a vacation gift guide:

Vacation gift guides have been present forever and ever in physical form but if you want to target the potential audience to your online platform, you have to create a digital vacation gift guide. Gift guides not only support user vacation but their shopping also go smoothly, but they’re best for SEO because they feature diverse products that web users are looking for. Moreover, a well-designed gift guide will decrease the number of clicks among your home page and product pages, which is a favorable point for SEO bots ranking your website.

So, make a new webpage for your gift guide and add some seasonal keywords, links, and phrases to offer your gift guide an enhancement in search results. You can also try to get your gift guide introduced by other websites and publications to gain more links that lead back to your website.


Mentioned above are the four easy steps to optimize your seasonal SEO traffic.

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